• quintessentially

    Quintessentially is first and foremost a club, a club for those who believe that life is too short to waste time on the mundane or second-best. Members are given a membership card which brings with it a huge variety of benefits, many of which are worth a great deal of money.

    Besides the monetary advantages, membership also brings the chance to enjoy a collection of goods, services, treats and practical help that we believe will make a serious difference to our members' lives. Most of what Quintessentially has to offer can be accessed online through our website. Our mission is to bring you only the very best whether it be opera, music, art, travel, food and drink.

  • Tennis Foundation

    To achieve our goal of One Game All we enable providers of tennis and recreational players.

    We want to improve tennis delivery in all Local Authority facilities; that includes Parks, Schools and municipal facilities. Our Hotspot and Parks activities will introduce millions of new players to the game, and allow them to play and enjoy tennis on a regular basis.

    * Our teams are enabling more people of all ages and abilities to play tennis.
    * Our education team cover all schools, colleges and universities.
    * The disability team covers all aspects of disability tennis (wheelchair, deaf, and those with learning disabilities) including performance, and development.
    * In order to fund our activities we create opportunities for sponsors and donators.

    Our events team have built up a well deserved reputation for creating some of the most exciting and innovative fundraising events.

    We believe that playing tennis is not only fun but it is really good for you, so everything we do is to make One Game All a reality


  • The Clarence


    The Clarence in Balham has recently become the pub of choice for Tennis4London after they kindly sponsored the Tennis4London tennis teams. Players head there for some fine ales, cider and great food after the Wednesday night tennis sessions and weekend matches. Andrea the General Manager is a keen tennis player so it's turning into a good partnership!

  • WilsonLogo


    Tennis4London are now working with Wilson to give their members the opportunity to buy excellents tennis rackets and equipment at discounted rates. Wilson have always been one of the top tennis brands with many of the best players in the world chooosing to play with Wilson rackets, including Roger Federer and Serena Williams. Tennis4London have demo rackets that you will be able to trial and we will be happy to give professional advice on which racket would suit each individual player.

  • LTA

    The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) is the National Governing Body for tennis in Britain. As the governing body, the LTA is responsible for the coaching and development of junior players, offering courses and qualifications on coaching, as well as the organisation and administration of the senior game. Through working with the different groups involved such as clubs, coaches, parents and players the LTA aims to grow the base of the sport and get more people involved in tennis. It organises coaching and tournaments for junior players, as well as senior events throughout the UK.


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